Dr. Jessica Teague D.V.M

Dr. Teague has been at the practice since 2016 and has been the practice owner since 2018. Dr. Teague is passionate about spreading kindness and love to not only her clients but her staff as well. Dr. Teague believes positivity is contagious and tries to spread it as much as she can! Dr. Teague’s interests include internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and ultrasonography. She does surgery 1 day a week and sees appointments for the rest of the time. Dr. Teague is quick to triage emergency patients and gives all of them a fighting chance! If you are looking for a reliable, kind, and compassionate doctor, she’s the one!

Dr. Lydia Titus D.V.M

Dr. Titus has been with us since February 2019. Dr. Titus graduated from Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee in 2018. She has 3 pets of her own, 2 dogs and 1 cat. She has a weakness for Australian shepherds and border collies! Dr. Titus is always so sweet and dedicates herself every day to make sure your pets are in great hands! Her interests are behavior management and emergency care. She runs surgery 1 day a week and is in active appointments seeing patients the rest of the time. She has prior critical care experience from working at an emergency clinic in the past. She is all around amazing and we are so lucky to have her!


Abby is a R.V.T who has been an amazing part of our team. Abby’s compassion and dedication makes us stand out from the rest. Abby graduated U.C and worked at the university Hospital in Blue Ash. Abby graduated April of 2017 and became licensed in August of 2017. Abby has been a part of our team since May of 2017 and has since adopted 3 pets of her own. Abby is the loving mom of 2 cats and 1 dog.


Kristen is a receptionist who has been with us since January of 2019. Kristen has a love for Boston terriers and has 2 of her own! Kristen is always so sweet and caring to our patients and clients, offering cuddles to all our hospitalized patients. Kristen has become our holiday decorator and loves to make the office feel festive and cozy! She has been an amazing part of the team.


Brynna is a receptionist and vet assistant who has been with us since September of 2019. Brynna is always so sweet and caring on the phone and in person. Brynna is always the first to jump in and give your fur baby lots of love!


Bre is our receptionist and vet assistant that has been with us since August of 2019. Bre is always willing to help wherever she is needed and has been a blessing to the rest of the team. Her help and support gets the rest of through the toughest days! Bre loves animals of all kinds, and loves to give them lots of snuggles! Her calm and sweet attitude is popular with everyone alike!


Anna is a receptionist who has been with us since May of 2020. Anna is an old soul who is always so kind. Anna is always striving to help everyone she talks to and is a real advocate for animals. Anna is always willing to help whoever needs it and has a gift to be able to understand all of our client’s situations. Anna’s dedication is a great to have around the office!


Haley has been a part of our team for 4 years but took a break in between to pursue her photography goal! Haley is so talented and is amazing at creating our very cute facebook post! Haley has been with us again since October of 2019 as a vet assistant and we couldn’t wait to have her back! Haley is always making us laugh and giving everyone she talks to a boost of confidence with her sweet compliments. Haley loves all creatures and has 2 big teddy bears of her own! Haley’s dedication to the clinic is what makes our team great!

Marissa Cochran

Marissa is our receptionist who has been with us since May of 2020. Marissa has the sweetest voice and a bubbly personality. Marissa makes everyone smile with her contagious positive attitude! Her compassion for people and animals is what makes our team stand out. She is always willing to help, and is always striving to make sure your pet needs are met! We hope you get the chance to speak with Marissa the next time you call!


Brittany has been our receptionist since February of 2019. Brittany has a love for rescue animals and has a few of her own. Brittany is known for the boxer Olive you may have seen at the office! Her compassion for the pets who need a voice the most is inspiring. Brittany is an advocate for pets who get overlooked most of the time. Brittany is very down to earth and loves to get to know our clients better and better every time they arrive at the clinic.


Cassidy has been with us since 2019 as a kennel tech. Cassidy has a very sweet approach when taking care of our hospitalized patients. Cassidy strives to make sure all of your pets in our care are warm and comfortable when in our kennels. Cassidy strives for cleanliness in the clinic to make sure your pets are in the best hands!


Tiffany is our R.V.T. Tiffany got her license July of 2020. Tiffany loves the small fluffy dogs and preforms our dentals as well! Tiffany knows how to handle the difficult pets well. and helps her team tremendously with blood draws. She is always 5 steps ahead and has amazing attention to detail. She is always willing to work and makes our team extra perfect!


Whitney is our R.V.T. who has been with the practice since 2014 and graduated with her license from U.C Blue Ash in 2019. Whitney preforms some our our dentals and is a surgery assistant most days. She has 3 pets of her own , 2 dogs and 1 cat. Whitney is very fast and efficient, making sure our clients are never waiting to long! She is always making sure the office is clean and laundry is done making our office smell amazing! Her funny personality is always appreciated, especially during those long days!


Emily has been a vet assistant here at Bethel Animal Health since 2013. She is always so sweet and helpful no matter the situation. She has so much experience and takes extra special care of every pet we see. Emily assist’s in surgery and in appointments throughout the week. She is always lifting other people’s moods with her kindness. We couldn’t do It without her!

Marissa Ott

Marissa is our practice manager at Bethel Animal Health. She joined with the practice in September of 2016 as a receptionist. Marissa excels in her compassion working with our clients, making sure their experience here is exceptional. She is able to stay calm in stressful situations and always comes from a place of understanding. She works a lot behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations. At home, Marissa has 1 rescue dog and 4 rescue cats. We are so lucky to have Marissa part of our lead team!