Payment options:

 All charges are due at the time of service. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, checks (with a matching drivers license) and Scratchpay. Scratchpay is the only form of payment plan we offer. We will no longer be accepting any held checks. Thank you for your understanding.

Late appointments:

 Bethel Animal Health makes an effort to maintain a schedule that allows Dr. Teague individual time with each pet. Appointments are set to reserve this time, making it critical that you arrive to your appointment on time. Late appointments may be asked to reschedule. If you are able to be worked back in to the schedule, please note- there may be a long wait as we accommodate everyone who has arrived on time to their appointment.


We ask that a minimum 24 hour notice be given for all cancellations We understand that unexpected and unavoidable situations may occur resulting in an appointment being missed. Please notify us immediately if this happens. If we deem no-shows are becoming frequent, you will be put on a pre-payment plan.


Please note that Bethel Animal Health does see certain emergencies and we may need to adjust your wait time as needed. We ask if possible that you call on your way so we can be as prepared as possible for you. We ask for your cooperation during these times and understand we deem critically ill patients as priority. We want to assure you that if your pet is critically ill, we will take his/her care first.

Dispensing medications:

 As a directed by law a veterinarian can only prescribe / dispense medication to those clients who have a current physical exam with our D.V.M.’s. It is illegal to dispense or prescribe any medication without a current physical exam.

Leashes and carriers:

 We request all dogs be on secure collars and leashes and all cats be confined to a carrier. We do have cardboard cat carriers for a small fee if you need one. We are located on a busy street, and we don’t want pets escaping and causing harm to others or themselves. If your pet possibly has a contagious disease such as (kennel cough, Parvovirus, etc.) you may be asked to hold your pet in your vehicle until the Doctor is ready for you.