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Dr. Earl Neltner (DVM) Is our founding doctor and he has a passion to provide quality pet care at affordable prices.  As a lifelong pet lover he know how important it is to take care of our furry family members. His easy going nature and diagnostic talent make him popular with pets and clients alike. Throughout his career he has started several veterinary hospitals and strives to make each one better than the last.   He has a small farm in Moscow where he enjoys the country life and his Rottweiler: "Reese." One of his favorite things to do is to travel - he has been all over the world and always has his eye out for his next adventure.  He recently got back from a trip to Russia and a cruise in the Baltic region.  He says his favorite food is meatloaf, but at the office we all know that he LOVES pumpkin pie, no matter what the season is!

Dr. Jessica Teague (DVM) her favorite part about being a vet is partnering with families and forming lifelong bonds between them and their "fur babies."   She enjoys the ability to give a voice to the voiceless by promoting a pet's best interest.  She especially loves small animal internal medicine and general surgery.  She has been in practice for two years prior to joining us in 2016.  She has already developed quite a following with her kindness and gentle heartedness.  She loves Skyline Chili and has 2  dogs "Ophelia" (pictured) and "Bo Bear" that were rescued and a cat named "Mouse".  She enjoys knitting, going to garage sales, and reading fiction novels.

Dr. Elizabeth Sandfoss (DVM) Brings her surgery experience from UCANN as well as diagnostic talent to our clinic.  Being a Veterinarian is a big responsibility, and she handles each one of her patient's cases with poise and ease.  Her humor, direct manner, and good attitude make her a pleasure to be around.  She adores animals - especially little ones because she has two Chihuahuas: "Louie" and "Owen"  and a 3-legged dog name "Rosie."  Mexican food is one of her favorite things, as well as reading, walking her dogs, and watching her kids play sports.  Her favorite color is blue and a guilty pleasure of hers is dark chocolate!

Dr. Lydia Titus (DVM) - Bio to come 

Hope (RVT, BTAS, Office Manager) Graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2011 with a degree in Veterinary Technology and in 2016 for Applied Administration. Along with her exceptional technical skills and office management responsibilities, Hope brings a high level of caring and compassion to the hospital as well as a contagious smile. Besides her deep love for her numerous animals, she helps her parents take care of their farm and chickens.  She also enjoys to taking her 7 dogs on long walks near her home and works on their obedience training.

Nathali (RVT) graduated from Brown Mackie College in 2013 with a degree in Veterinary Technology. Along with her compassionate care and proven technical skills, Nathali brings exceptional canine and feline dentistry skill to the hospital. She has a beautiful Rag Doll cat named: Marilyn.  When she is not working you can find her at the nearest shopping outlet, relaxing by a pool, or hanging out with her friends at a concert.  Her favorite food is bread rolls, but she is also a fan of Skyline Chili!

Abby (RVT) Graduated from the University of Cincinnati and we are happy to have her on board with us!  She loves tacos and the color blue (good thing too since that is the only scrubs color we are allowed!).  She has 2 cats that are absolutely adorable and get lots of attention from her and her fiance.  When she has time, Abby enjoys kayaking, spending time with her family, shopping, watching movies, and playing with her nephew.  A perfect day for her would be grilling out with her family and friends, and ending it with a camp fire.

Emily (Veterinary Assistant) graduated from Grant Career Center in 2006 with a certificate in Medical Information Technology.  With over 9 years of previous veterinary clinic experience, Emily brings a high level of technical and laboratory skill to the hospital. Emily has 3 dogs: Tucker, June, and Tillee, as well as multiple cats that get spoiled on a daily basis.   She and her husband also have rabbits, chickens, goats, and a pot bellied pig!  When she is not working you can find her at a local concert, with her friends around a bonfire, or out fishing or hunting.

Katie (Vet Assistant)  Has a wonderful calm and sweet personality.  She has three dogs: Dexter (Chihuahua), Shippo (Chihuahua) and Feisty (Jack Russell Mix) as well as a cat named Oliver.  She enjoys spending time with her HUGE extended family and her boyfriend.  She enjoys taking her dogs for walks, sleeping in and just hanging out.  She also adores Mexican food and icecream!

Ally (Vet Assistant) Is quiet and sweet.  She has 2 pets Gus Gus and Buddy.  She enjoys getting tattoos, hiking, watching TV with her dogs, camping, and going to the gym.  A perfect day for her would be going horseback riding on the beach and eating some pineapple and her favorite food is anything that involves chicken or Mexican food.

Michelle (Head Receptionist) graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Marketing Management Technology in 2009. She excels at utilizing social media to educate and inform our clients. Michelle has two dogs, a German Shepherd named Dash and a Border Collie named Finley.  In the evenings you can often find her in a park walking her dogs and throwing a frisbee for Finley.  She enjoys reading, doing art, and baking sweets.  She also enjoys trying out new restaurants with her husband.

Marissa (Receptionist) Is always friendly and happy to help: be it an animal, client, or co-worker!  She has Six pets - three dogs and three cats that she loves to pieces. One of her kittys is a new addition.   Marilyn, who was a stray that a client brought to the office.  Marilyn was covered in lice and had a injured tail that needed amputation.  Through Marissa's tender care Marilyn is now thriving and we love her visits to our clinic!  Marissa enjoys shopping, hiking trips, bonfires, and sitting by the water.  A perfect day for her would be grilling out and ending the evening with a trip to the creek with her dogs.  Her favorite food is a steak three loaded potato and she really enjoys cooking.

Rachel (Receptionist) Has previous experience in the medical field, and is a joy to be around.  She enjoys spending time with her family watching movies, going out to dinner, as well as shopping with her two girls.  One of her favorite things in life is going to the beach!  A perfect day for her would be spent on a beach, or an island - surrounded by puppies and kittens of course!  She enjoys getting her hair done and manicures.  She has two dogs: Roscoe (Dachshund) and Elsa (Siberian Husky), multiple cats..

Miranda (Receptionist) Has a passion in life for helping people and animals who are in need.  She loves spending time with friends and family as well as hanging out by the pool.  She recently had an adorable baby boy and is adjusting to life as a new momma.  She enjoys roller skating and her favorite food is pizza.  She has an adorable Border Collie named Sophie and a shepherd mix named Thor, and 2 cats: Calvin and Penelope

Amanda (Receptionist) Has a passion for cats!  Not only for her own beloved furry family members, but also for those needy kittys in our community.  She spends a lot of her free time involved in TNR program (Trap-Neuter-Release).  She is also a wonderful momma to abandoned kittens. She bottle feeds them and nurses them back to health. Once old enough she will then find them an adoptive home - it can be difficult emotionally, but she finds it very rewarding.  She enjoys traveling to new places and hiking with friends.  A perfect day for her would be spent in a secluded mountain cabin in the middle of some snowy woods snuggled up by the fire with her fiance eating chocolate lava cake!

Tiffany (Receptionist) Loves animals and is taking classes to become a Veterinary Technician.  She has 3 dogs: Leia (after Princess Leia from Star Wars), Honey, and Snowflake.  She LOVES baking and also enjoys spending time with friends, family and reading.  A perfect day for her would be sleeping in, playing with her dogs, baking something sweet, going to a concert with friends, and then winding down the day with a relaxing bath.  Her favorite meal is pasta and marinara sauce.

Kristen (Receptionist) - Bio to come

Mariah (Kennel Technician/ Assistant) Is currently a student at the University of Cincinnati pursuing her dream of eventually being a vet herself.  Her willingness and interest in learning makes her a pleasure to be around in the office.  She has 5 pets: Diamond (which she considers her doggy daughter), Arla, Hershey, Dexter, and Jazzie.  She enjoys watching the "Bachelor," playing volleyball, taking naps with her animals, and hanging out with friends and family when she is not studying.  Her favorite food is Sushi and she enjoys finding new favorite restaurants.

Haley (Kennel Technician/ Assistant)  Has an eye for detail and is a hard worker.  She loves her three dogs Dempsey, Oliver, and Daisy.  She is passionate about photography, and her favorite foods are pizza, steak, and shrimp.  A perfect day for her would be spent on any beach with an ocean view enjoying 90 degree weather and an endless amount of cherry cake.

Sydney (Kennel Technician) Is always super helpful and does a great job behind the scenes keeping things clean and helping prep surgical items.  She has a dog: Otis, a cat: BooBoo, and a rabbit named Bugs.  She enjoys sand volleyball, riding horses, boating, camping, and basket ball.  Her favorite food is Mexican.